One movie that actually says some truth. Quick quote -> Listen with an open mind.

Just some truth for those of you who believe the war on drugs is a necessity. Not only is this “war on drugs”, aka, a war on the people, hurting and killing people while violent and truly dangerous people stay free, it is…well, simply put, bull shit.

Some facts.

The ERAFN Index – Gulag Edition

Number of prisoners per 100,000 citizens

Japan – 63 per 100,000,
Germany – 90 per 100,000
France – 96 per 100,000
S. Korea – 97 per 100,000
­Britain – 153 per 100,000
U.S. – 760 100,000 citizens.

US in 1980 – 150 prisoners per 100,000

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Repost…Worth reading.

This July major US Internet service providers will start assisting copyright holders in their fight against online copyright infringement. Major ISPs including Comcast, Verizon and Time Warner Cable will begin fulfilling their obligations under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding signed last year, which will see the providers send out copyright infringement warnings to their millions of customers.

After years of painful negotiations, last June it was revealed that the RIAA, MPAA and some of the United States’ largest Internet service providers had finally come to an agreement on action against unauthorized online sharing of copyright works.
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This is enraging!!!!! I have no words to say how much this enrages me. As you watch the video, the mother has put up annotations and such to explain what was going on. And the TSA abusing their power doesn’t start nor end here! I was at O’hare airport not long ago, and a guy who works there doing maintenance and such for the airport told me, without me asking, he brought this up himself!, that the TSA just stand around all day and do things when it is convenient for them. Of course anyone with a brain already knew that, but when others are speaking about it, and we have video as horrible as this….if we sit back, saying nothing, doing nothing, we are just as guilty as these disgusting pigs!!!!


Help us cover Occupy Wall Street 2012

Recorded 3.17.12 in the afternoon at Zuccotti Park, NYC.

With this in mind, let the OWS and all other protests continue, stronger than ever!!!

“” Under the cover of darkness and a media blackout, Barack Hussein Obama has signed HR 347 into law. Most of you may think that it is just another law with no teeth,but think again! HR 347 has cancelled out our First Amendment rights to free speech and to peaceably protest where secret service agents are present, and at their discretion.”

“The First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits the government from infringing upon the freedom of speech, the freedom of association and the freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Speech is language and other forms of expression; and association and petition connote physical presence in reasonable proximity to those of like mind and to government officials, so as to make your opinions known to them.
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In my personal opinion, this unarmed young man -who simply wanted some snacks-…was killed because of the color of his skin. Why are people not more outraged? This is a common theme with cops and people who “think they are cops”. I don’t care what people say, there is no convincing me people are hated, picked on and, in too many tragic events like this, killed due to how they look, the color of their skin, their ‘style’, their ‘look’…

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“As we were leaving to do a march and rally multiple trucks and cars filled with SWAT looking officers with military armament came and drew their weapons on us and proceeded to round up all Occupiers and tenants and put them on the ground along with searching us and most rooms in the building. They had assault rifles and tactical shotguns.They were accompanied by FBI Agents and City of Miami police. These people were extremely violent and looked anxious to use their weapons so the first video was taken under my leg. This time I said to hell with it and just held the camera out in plain view and even narrated. Enjoy this chilling peak of the future police state. ” 3 – 13 – 12 


Make sure you check out this site and help if you can, we need to support the *PEOPLE* – especially people who put their life on the line for freedom of information and truth.


Wow. I understand this could be seen as a good thing for homeless people…however, it still somehow seems demoralizing and as if corporate greed have found a new way to exploit the poor and homeless…seems wrong to me… To me, it seems if they really wanted to help the homeless, they would help them find housing and give them options other than becoming a ‘human wifi.’

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Email I thought I’d share. Repost->

March 9, 2012

National Low Income Housing Authority


— Popular Low Income Housing Web Site Receives Record Number of Visitors —

Nationwide (March 9, 2012) — Many economists agree that the U.S. economy is slowly recovering, but housing issues continue to plague many families across the country. According to the Low Income Housing Authority, their web site traffic at continues to grow and last month received an all-time record number of visitors.

One report, issued by the Urban Institute, says that up to 40% of all low-income families in the United States continue to experience hardships related to housing. This literally means that millions of people across the country are in bad economic situations, and are likely looking for and/or already living in low income housing and apartments.

To address this, the National Low Income Housing Authority launched their web site in 2010. The site now lists over 50,000 properties in its online database. The available properties are located in all 50 states, most of them concentrated in urban areas.

The web site also offers valuable information, resources, and tips on how to find and apply for low income housing programs, affordable housing programs, and other similar government assistance programs.

For more details, needy individuals and families should visit

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